Monday, February 16, 2009

Still working. . .

Sharon @ Indigo Threads here.
I finally got all the letters in my saying made, and am now about to sew them all togther. I'm adding 2 inch strips to the top and bottom of all the letters, hoping that will make it easier to get them all relatively straight and readable. After that, I'll start sewing them together. If anyone has any tips for me on this, I'd love to hear them!
This is the saying I'll be using on my project. Some of these letters I left purposely tall so that I could cut them down to the height I needed them. I think that sizing the letters is kinda hard. They came out bigger than I was expecting. But, I've learned a lot and next time I do this, it will probably be easier. It's been such a help to see how everyone else has put the letters together, and probably the most help for me was Brenda's (Scraps and Strings blog) tutorial on strip-pieced letters. Thanks, Brenda!


Brenda said...

they look great. Often I take the same sized letter, sew a 3/4 inch strip between then, and then add the top and bottom wider strips. I keep trimming them as I put them together, making sure they're lining up and straight (if you want them straight. but if you used the strip-piecing method, they should be fairly uniform size. sometimes putting them together is the most tedious part, and it takes a lot of fabric with the wide strips, but you're definitely on the right track. they look great.

Clare said...

I love the "n" in "and" and "sit".

As Brenda said, if you are using her strip piecing method then it souldh't be too difficult to put them together.

Tonya has got a tutorial on how toput them together. Me? I just take it as it comes!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

just don't forget to put the fabric you need on the side of the letters too! are any of those letters less than 2" shorter than the tallest letters? If so, then I'd put wider strips on that one. Or else on those tall ones only had fabric to the top or bottom... see how that goes. good luck, do email if you get in a jam.