Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finally Sewed a Seam!

I let so many other things take precedence over this project - things for other people mostly. I guess it was easier to put off something for ME.

I've had the "plan" almost from the start, but yesterday was the first day I actually played with fabric. (I know! How sad is that??)

I started by counting how many of what letters I needed:

Then I drew out the approximate shape of the letters I wanted/needed so there would be some sort of map (however crude) when I began cutting and sewing. I dug through my stacks of scraps cut into strips. I have a piece of print fabric I'm using as the color palette, so from my scraps I found blacks and greens and a cranberry. There's room for a federal blue and coffee brown, too, but I didn't have those scraps.

So, starting with "a", I began piecing. The first letter took some thought, but I referred to my map and didn't think too much (that's a biggie with me!). I used scissors, not a rotary cutter just so that I could stay away from the temptation to measure everything out to some sort of specifications. I did use the rotary cutter afterward to square up the block.

After the first block, I was able to chain piece the remaining a's. Each block is a little different and definitely an individual learning experience. I'm off to make 6 "e" blocks this afternoon, but I'm sure I'll go even farther than that. These are FUN!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Tracy, these are marvelous - I love how you've developed your own font. keep at it!

jacquie said...

good for you. i really like the shapes of your letters!