Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blogging and Quilting Newbie

Hi! I am Jeannine, and this is my first quilting class I have participated in. I am truly a self-taught quilter. I have never taken an official quilting class before. I took a basic sewing class when I was about 10 years old, but other than that, I have taught myself by trial and error, reading books, looking on line, trying to imitate what other have done, etc…

I live in northern Indiana, and have been quilting for only about 2 years.

I’m not particularily good at following patterns – I prefer to make up my own – sometimes I develop them before I begin and other times I just make it up as I go along.

I am currently working on a special quilt for my husband. He built a great treehouse at our lake house this summer. It was a big 2 year ordeal – you can read about that here. But it kind of defined and consumed him and his summer. He recently asked me to make him a quilt to keep him toasty at night – I like to keep the house colder than he likes. So I wanted to make him something that was very special and specific to him, and so I am making him a "tree house" quilt. (I will post a picture when I get back from a business trip I am on right now. ) I sketched it out on graph paper, gathered all my scraps and started cutting and sewing. I was not entirely sure how big it would turn out to be, and how many borders I would add, etc.

I am excited to try the freeform lettering – I have not yet tried that, and some of the wonky houses and what-not look like lots of fun too.

With the "economic crunch" we are in right now, I am trying to quilt only from fabric I have in my abundant stash, so this will be a good use for some of those scraps and pieces I am no longer as fond of as I was when I bought them, I have been holding on to.

I want to thank Victoria over at Bumble Beans for letting me know about this quilt-class.

You can check out my blog and some of my creations by clicking here.

Let the fun begin!


Twisted Quilts said...

Hi Jeannine. I am Nancy, (True Blue Nana). I am new to all of this too, quilting and blogging. I am pretty much self taught, also. I am looking forward to this online class and seeing what everyone does. Welcome

Brenda said...

you'll do just fine. I've found this type of class and the quilting blogsphere to be very gentle and forgiving places.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

yeah! you made it over here! Lets get crazy creative!

Tonya Ricucci said...

The tree house sounds like a great plan. I know you're going to come up with a super quilt. Welcome.