Sunday, October 5, 2008

A dive into the unknown

My name is Nicolette and I’m thrilled to join Tonya’s class. I started my quilting attempts about 3 years ago. After some months learning techniques by myself I gave up.
When I discovered blogland in April 2007 and read so much about quilts, I thought it was worth another try. Now I’m hooked. Meanwhile I’ve joined some workshops at my local quiltstore to learn quilting-techniques.
I’ve finished a number of quilts and I’m working on a list of others. They are very different in technique, colour, both traditional and modern. I’m on the learning path to discover what I like the most. So this is a challenge I couldn’t refuse! Besides quilting I also love to stitch, knit and sew.

I can’t show any free-pieced quilts yet. This crazy cat quilt was one of my first attemtps at a design of my own.

I love to use letters, partial because I’m a graphic designer. I’m self-employed and always in search for a balance between work, craft and familylife. I’m married for quite some time and live in Holland with my husband and Midas, our cat. My blog is called devliégendekoe.

I can’t wait to see what everybody else will be making. I hope I will succeed in finishing a little quilt in Tonya’s class before the end of January...! If not it will be added to the unfinished stash!



Clare said...

Wooo hooo Nicolette. Great to see you here.

Tonya - we're sitting at the back of the class :-)

Tonya Ricucci said...

Great to have you in the class - free-piecing is so much fun, I hope you enjoy it. I love the quilt you designed - love how the colors work together.

Amanda said...

Hello Nicolette, I think it was discovering blogland that really helped and motivated me too - always someone to help and so many ideas to pinch!