Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hello from FiberBabble!

Hi, all - I've just spent a nice few minutes going through everyone's intro posts. I've gotten some inspiration and it's been an eye candy feast already. Yay, everyone!

I'm Tracy. AKA FiberBabble AKA "T" on the sidebar over there... (I used to try to be fairly anonymous online, but I was "outed" a few months ago!) I live in southwest Washington State in a town that has fewer people than my public high school's graduating class, waaaaay back when.

I've been quilting for, oh... 15? 16? years. It all started when I wanted to make a little quilt to go with one of my dolls (previous lifetime: dollmaker). One little quilt. We all know where the story goes from there, don't we?

I've been stalking following Tonya's blog for quite some time now, and I've always meant to get around to making an intentionally wonky something but haven't actually done anything yet. I got Liberated Piecing back in the "old" days and it's one of three or four quilt-ish books that I won't ever let go of. I was inspired by one of Gwen's photos in the book of a white quilt with red squares (page 158, if you're keeping track) - I made one without all the fancy quilting as a lined curtain for my sewing studio in a different house. It's folded away, waiting to find a similarly-sized window someday!

I'm inspired by the Alphabet Sampler quilt(s) that Lynne over at Patchery Menagerie has been doing. Whether it's a sampler or something else, my plan* is to do letters, letters, letters.

*It's rare that Plan A ever works for me. By necessity, I'm very adaptable!

I don't think that I have a particular "style" of quilting. There are certain colors that I don't care for and certain types of fabric (f'r instance, I'm not a great fan of 30's repros), but otherwise, who knows? If you were to wander through my blog at you'd see paper foundation piecing, scrap quilts, bright colors, muted colors, pastels. I've even done some quilted "art" that you can visit here, if you want. I think I'm in a scrappy place right now... but that's bound to change soon!

Oh, and have you noticed? There's no such thing as a "short version" with me. There's a reason that my web-ego has Babble in the name!

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Tonya Ricucci said...

Great to have you in the class. always nice to have someone else babbling so it's not just me ;-)