Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Introducing myself

Hi All! I'm Robyn from Erie, Colorado. I'm working part time, and really enjoying the rest of my time home with my 7 month old (tomorrow) baby girl. I'm very new at this quilting thing, but loving every minute of it, (and spending every free minute I have!) So far everything I've done is pretty much off the cuff, but I love the wonky look and the idea of quilting, and designing, on the fly.

I've always sewn... just little things for the dolls I made when I was a kid. And for years now quilting has been my goal. I'm currently finishing up my third - and definitely best - quilt. It'll be done before Sunday for sure, (when I have to give it as a baby shower gift!!)

I have a vision for my class quilt... I'm going to go with House. I want to make many little houses around the border of a starry sky background. So that means many stars as well. I foresee many scraps!! If I am really ambitious, I may put some words around the back edge as well. My husband wants this quilt for our spare bed, which is a double. I guess it just depends on how many houses I can make!!

Nice to meet you all! And I look forward to quilting with you!


Fiber Babble said...

welcome, Robyn!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your photos...they are really nice..

TheyCallMeMom said...

I enjoyed looking at your quilting . I have ambition to do such things.. I lack skill and patience LOL

Tonya Ricucci said...

so glad you joined us. sounds like you have a great plan and lots to do.