Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Log Cabin Flowers with Vase

This is Tonya. I love everybody's work - ya'll are more motivated than I have been lately.

Jacquie has made a great vase and intends to put log cabin flowers in it. I love it. Here are a couple of different ways that I can think of to put it all together. First off would be to make longer stems and add strips of background fabric to each side of the stem. Attach that to the bottom of the flower and add some background at the top of the flower too. Do that for both flowers. Then on one flower add a wider strip of background. You'd end up with something like this:

Then you'd slice across the unit that has the additional background. Do that at an angle, then add the other flower. Voila. You'd add background to both sides of the flowers, then you can add them to the vase. I also played around here with adding an additional lip to the top of the vase to make the opening wider.

The other option I can see would be to make this in rows. A top row with the flowers, a middle row with stems (just insert strips, you can even overlap them) and then the vase.

Good luck!


jacquie said...

an additional lip to widen the top...why didn't i think of that! oh my this helps sooo much. i was trying to do all the angles not do it in a section and then cut the angle. thanks, thanks, thanks! i'm ready to tackle this.

Twisted Quilts said...

Jan Mullen has a thing she does that makes them come out very much like roses. It is in her book Cut-Loose Quilts. She starts with a triangle rather than a square or rectangle. Just an idea.

jacquie said...

thanks. i'll give it a try!