Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hello Hello Hello

Hey there! My name is Cherri. I live on a tiny island in  a tiny village in Alaska. This will be my first attempt at wonky piecing. Looking forward to the challenge.I love learning new things. I mostly make wall and nap blanket size quilts. For this challenge I am thinking of creating our island surrounded by fish. Anyone out there done fish? Ideas and suggestions welcomed! I take instruction very well! I would like to include crabs, seastars, and jellyfish too. 
Currently we are in Seattle, WA. We brought our boat down the British Columbia coast through the Inside Passage. We live on the boat in Lake Union during part of the winter. I have a quilting studio on the boat...I know, I am sooo spoiled! Actually, my husband dismantled the forward stateroom and put in a U shaped counter and storage shelves. So I have plenty of room to sew. Last week I added a bank of Elfa wire drawers so there is room for all the thread, scissors, rulers, pins and needles. This week we will put up a design wall on the bulkhead that separates the studio from the anchor locker. 
I am so looking forward to meeting and learning from all of you! I will go right now and read the blog introductions.
PS: I started a blog at cherrildesigns.blogspot.com      

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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

cherri, wow, I think you win the most unusual quilt studio award. your idea is wonderful. Try doodling your ideas for what you want to piece. then move to graph paper and see what you can do with straight line. There's a tutorial there on the side that should help and just ask if you'd like more suggestions. good luck, sounds really fun.