Saturday, October 18, 2008

Less space is better

I'm getting better with the letters - I think part of the problem with Heart was that there was too much space in between the letters. While I'm not using Tonya's detailed *hot to's* for each of the letters, I did read over the introduction for tips.

I also calculated the size of the quilt if I used all the blocks I have here and it's pretty bit (90 x 108). There were extra's sent to me so I'm going to go back and recount how many I have if I just use one from everyone. I'm going to machine quilt this so if I can't manage to get everyone's blocks in making it smaller then I"ll go with the larger version.


T said...

Very cool, Mary! The quilts themselves are very special, but adding the letters really adds POW! :-)

(This is me cheering you on because I'm still stalled. At least I've gotten everything into the sewing room now)

Karen said... the quilted letters.....hoping to try that someday as I'm a newbie quilter.

nannergirl said...

Mary your letters look great! Can't wait to see the finished lay out

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

What a wonderful idea - marvelous.