Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Think Too Much

You know, part of the reason that I decided to play along is that I'm, uh, a bit particular about planning and cutting and piecing. My hope is that by embracing my inner wonk I can get over myself a bit.

I'm still on board for that. I have a 'design proposal' in my brain, a target finished size, a color scheme, even the potential location for hanging my finished work of wonk.

So why haven't I taken scissors to fabric yet? Well, I'm thinking a lot, that's why. I have 56 letters and spaces in the words I want to use. Some of the words need to be emphasized, so they'll be bigger than the others. Based upon the desired finished size of my quilt (ballpark!), I'll have 5 rows of words, with each of the first 3 rows finishing out to approximately 58.5". That means, based upon the number of letters in a row and considering the highlighted words, each letter will be between 1.5 and 4.5 inches wide and 1.5 to 6 inches tall. And yes, I've taken into account tall letters vs. short letters and wide vs. skinny for Every. Single. Letter.


So here it is: The bulk of my project will be words, with pictures (coffee cups!) as, what? Fill-in? Accessories? Since the WORDS are what will determine the look and size of the finished project, is there any hope that all this thinking is not necessarily overkill?

I'm off to read and re-read every wonky tutorial and discussion that I can get my hands on (again). Everyone makes it look so easy - hopefully it's just a matter of making that first cut...


jacquie said...

i kinda wish i was a planner. maybe i wouldn't get in these messes, but then i say go for it!!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Sounds like a blast. so cool you're going to make miniature letters. I discovered I hated using 3/4" strips - I use 7/8" strips instead and then use scissors to trim a bit more when necessary. Now stop thinking and start piecing. Don't want to drain the project of all it's energy.