Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello, I'm ChrisQuilts, Another New One Here

Hello to everyone!
I'm so excited to be a part of this house, home, pantry quilt project - I had actually started working on a quilt for my husband with all of our previously lived in and loved houses, so I think this fits right in with what I'm working on. My only problem is I'm trying to make the houses actually look a little like what they really looked like, and I'm getting all hung up on making things symmetrical, etc. The first two houses turned out well, but hardly look "wonky", should I start all over again with "wonky" versions of the houses or just proceed to evolve into "wonky" houses? I'm relatively new to quilting, and have only done free-pieced quilts, can't hold myself to a pattern, and REALLY don't like cutting out hundreds of little tiny squares and triangles all the same size (my Grandmother was Pennsylvania Dutch and she'd apalled) - but I guess I have to do my own thing. At any rate, I love this whole idea and can't wait to follow everyone's progress!



BrendaS said...

maybe consider building fabric houses in the spirit of your former homes -- either the shape, or the colour, or how they made you feel. realism is good, but it takes a long time. and its fun to give up on those rules (i need three upstairs windows) and try another way. have fun!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Lots of times when you start working with a new free-pieced idea it doesn't look all that wonky. But by getting comfortable with it and making more, you get better and better at it. I say, keep making houses. Then when you have bunch of part for the quilt ready, lay them all out and decide how it all goes together. Do they work or do you want new ones?